Discover The Number One Benefit Of Having Your Own Internet Business, Hint, It’s Not Money

What is the number one benefit of running a business on the Internet?

* Money

* Recognition

* Big House

For some, it could be the above. I remember years ago that my primary motivation was “money”. I was definitely money motivated. I thought about it all the time. I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about what I was going to do with all the money I was going to make. I even had a “goal book” that I carried around with me all the time.

In the goal book I had outlined several different categories. For example, house, car, money in bank, real estate investments, stock market investments, etc.

I was unbalanced to say the least. To think about money and what it can buy all the time will also take it’s toll on your spiritual state. I know, I’ve been there and still have the T-shirt.

Some of you reading this post right now are in the same state of mind. I’ve got two words for you, “Get Balanced”. You see, I finally came to the conclusion that life was more than money and what it enables you to purchase. I discovered that “freedom” is the primary benefit of having your own business on the Internet, not money.

When you obtain a certain amount of freedom you can relax and enjoy the simple things. I also discovered that it’s better to have an average house and car that are paid off, that to have a big mansion and luxury car with a big “nut to crack” every month.

Even when your income grows to an extremely large amount, there is no reason to increase your spending. That new found big income may not last. I have explicit memories of how my Google AdSense income skyrocketed a couple of years ago. My best month was over $10,000. I even taught a friend of mine how to do it and he was able to reach $10,000 a month in a very short time. He even quit his day job based on, in some part, to his new AdSense income.

Well, he and I both found out the hard way that “things change”. We were getting most of our traffic from Google and they decided to change their way of indexing and “poof”, there went the AdSense income. Lucky for me, I had another Internet income stream and was still in business. But, you know what? If I had not had that other income stream, guess what I would have become? An employee!

Write this down and memorize it… “An Entrepreneur That Runs Out Of Money Becomes An Employee”.

Always have some cash put back and you will be okay should the day arise that your Internet income dries up. If you have some money saved you can always find a new venture to start. I find that there are so many ways to make money on the Internet that I sometimes get distracted because they all look like fun.

Do some research, then make a decision on a project and get started. Just remember, freedom is your goal for establishing an Internet business, not money.

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Legitimate Online Business – Building a Strong Foundation For a Career in Internet Marketing

The advent of computer technology and the internet has opened up countless opportunities for establishing business and careers to make money online. Many consider internet marketing as one of the best ways to strike gold. After all where else can you set up a business at limited cost and start making money from customers around the world every day of the week.

Here are some Internet Marketing Tips:

• A successful online business needs to be built on a strong foundation. Many new marketers are attracted by the flashy ads and “easy money” but often don’t fully understand what they are getting into. You can make a good living online but it may take some time to get established. There are $30,000 months but most took some weeks and months or even years to get there.

• Internet marketing is a wide field. There is no one way to make money on the internet. Faced with many good sales letters, new marketers may feel he has to buy the product. Without a good foundation and understanding of internet marketing principles, you end up buying numerous products. This is not necessarily bad and the products may be good but failure to take action may result in jumping to many opportunities without taking the step by step actions for the successful outcome in a product or service.

• Go online for information on internet marketing. You can conduct a “Google search” for internet marketing tips to make sure that a selected marketing strategy is the best for your products and home business. On the many available “forums” you can you can exchange information with other business owners. You can get some interesting discussions and suggestion from successful marketers in the forum. Even after becoming successful, these forums can continue to be a good source of new tips. “Blogs” are also useful source of information for beginning marketers.

Set your goals, make your plan, and be consistent on follow up. Setting goals, and plans are essential to help focus and take action. Actions taken with ongoing consistency will produce results

• Set Clear Goals
• Develop a Business Plan
• Choose a Strategy
• Set Your Plan of Action.

Actions taken with ongoing consistency will produce results. Determination, discipline, and hard work will produce desired outcomes when combined with consistent action.

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